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The Mobile App GrowQuote, along with the accompanying Book Yoga of Personal Growth, serve as training materials at East West Center for Personal Growth.

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Do you want to become a better person through Personal Growth? Get GrowQuote.

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App Description:

GrowQuote is an app that inspires Personal Growth through Quotes or Inspirational Posters. Keep this Personal Growth App by your side as your Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, or Guru. GrowQuote categorizes Life into 449 categories in a systematic and meaningful way.

GrowQuote – Quotes for Personal Growth

“Don’t just Go through life, Grow through life.”

GrowQuote is an app that inspires Personal Growth through Picture Quotes or Inspirational Posters.

Personal Growth can be defined as change or growth in any given area of your life that leads to the unfoldment of your full potential, the expansion of your awareness, and the deepening of your fulfillment.

It is an opportunity to outgrow the limitation borne of your upbringing, education, or profession. It is also an effort to transcend your conditioning – material, physical, mental, emotional, or social.

Personal Growth is the art of living – more specifically, the art of living Inside Out. Ultimately, it is the realization of the Divinity within, and the expression of such realization in all aspects of your life.

Holistic Personal Growth is growth in all 5 Dimensions of your life:

1. MATTER (Material)
2. BODY (Physical)
3. MIND (Mental)
4. HEART (Emotional)
5. SPIRIT (Spiritual)

Holistic Personal Growth leads to the development of the holistic personality.

GrowQuote categorizes Life into 449 categories in a systematic and meaningful way.

GrowQuote’s Categorization Scheme is as follows:

5 Dimensions (Oceans)
15 Keys (Rivers)
64 Portals (Streams)
365 Gateways (Creeks)


App Features:

– Starting with the Home Screen, browse Inspirational Quotes in 449 categories.

– Use Search button to search quotes by keywords or categories; Browse through the Categories Chart to get an overview of all categories – how they are interrelated or interconnected.

– Other features of the App include:

(i) Today’s Quote – for daily update of the quotes.

(ii) Most Popular – for most popular quotes based on the number of Likes.

(iii) Recently Added – for recently added quotes; view according to Quotes or Categories.

(iv) Favorites – to list your favorite Quotes.

(v) Shake Device – to view a randomly generated Quote by shaking your device.

(vi) Save – to save any Quote on your device.

(vii) Like – to click Like on any Quote.

(viii) Share – to share any Quote on a number of Social Websites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.

(ix) Set Reminder – to set time of the day to receive notification reminder to check Today’s Quotes.


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