The Book

The Book Yoga of Personal Growth, along with the accompanying Mobile App GrowQuote, serve as training materials at East West Center for Personal Growth.

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 I. Introduction  4

II. Yoga and Personal Growth  5

III. The Philosophy of Yoga and the Koshas  6

IV. The Mobile App GrowQuote and the Modified Theory of the Koshas  8

V. GrowQuote and the Categorization of Life  10

VI. Yoga Philosophy is based on the Six Principles of Nature or Ecology  11

VII. GrowQuote’s Categorization Scheme Follows the Six Principles of Nature  13

VIII. Be in the Center  15

IX. Be in the Spine, Be in the Chakras  16

X. Maslow, Chakras, and the Stages of Personal Growth  18

XI. Yoga Philosophy is Theoretical Knowledge, whereas Personal Growth or Sadhana leads to the Experiential Realization  20

XII. Conclusion  21


Appendix A: Insight into GrowQuote’s Categorization Scheme  22

Appendix B: GrowQuote’s Categorization Chart  60


About the Author  80