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About the Founder

Hi, my name is Bijay Raut. I consider myself a product of the East and the West. I like to get the best of the both worlds – the transcendental spirituality of the East and the material prosperity of the West, the tradition of the East and the globalization of the West, and the deep-rootedness of the East and the dynamism of the West. I reflect these qualities through my own personality, writings, achievements, and aspirations.

I am a Personal Growth Coach, Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur. I am the Creator of the Mobile App, GrowQuote, and the Author of the accompanying Book, Yoga of Personal Growth. I also run a Blog dedicated to promoting personal growth, holistic living, and higher consciousness, HigherCons.

I was born and raised in the East – the Indian Subcontinent – where I completed my studies until the high school. I started my higher education in the West – the United States – where I completed a Bachelor’s and double Master’s degree. In the span of 14 years in the United States, I was fortunate to study at premium institutions such as Middlebury College and Georgetown University, as well as hone my career at places such as Silicon Valley and the Wall Street.

My interest in Eastern Spirituality, in particular Yoga and Meditation, started in my childhood days in the East, and blossomed fully during my academic and professional years in the West. Since the last 25 years or more, I have been exploring the inner dimensions of life, and actively engaged in Personal Growth via Eastern modalities such as Yoga and Meditation, as well as Western modalities such as Psychology and Science.

My mission in life, which is also the mission of East West Center for Personal Growth, is to help individuals in their inner journey of Personal Growth through holistic, balanced, and East-West approach.